Two Hearts

Never had a chance to post about what I took Bear to do as a surprise on V-Day:
We went to Painting with a Twist and did a couple’s painting class! Courtesy of groupon, and a little prodding from Kaley, we got to attend an intro level class, complete with supplies, that teaches all participants to paint the same painting.

< thank goodness they outline for you! >
You get to bring wine and/or food (which we most certainly did) and it’s a ton of fun to socialize get drunk with everyone there.

< our fave wine from our anniversary trip to Napa >

< Bear being cute >

Our class was a bit more unique because the class was split in two and one group painted one half and the other painted the second half. And of course because it was V-Day, we painted hearts. Cheesy? A little. Totally awesome? Definitely.

< we were too busy having fun to remember to
take pictures of us ACTUALLY painting.>
< ok, we’re both cute >

We took it home and hung it up over the bed…which happened to be the perfect, very barren spot!

< taken with the new camera…clearly I need more lessons
but it’s already 10x better than the cameras we had >
Posted on 2/23/10

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5 responses to “Two Hearts”

  1. Super sweet! Was a fun thing to do together and you now have a beautiful piece of art!

  2. MissNeira says:

    You guys are super cute! love the painting

  3. Kristin says:

    Oh how fun. That sounds like an absolute blast!

  4. JMay says:

    This is adorable, so fun…I def. wanna do something like this :-)

  5. Julie says:

    That is super cute actually. I like how they made them two separate paintings but they go together.

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