Yes, we decided on a name…for real this time! PawsitiveDog Training and Pet Care. The website will is and I LOVE the site thanks to my fabulous, super-talented boyfriend.

Also, my generous friend Sarah Barnes of Hartshorne Photography offered to take pictures for the site for me. There’s a bunch on the website and a bunch more on the Facebook page here. I would love it if you’d go and “like” the page!

Other than getting everything up and running, we’ve spent some time doing some holiday mingling and eating, including the fabulous Armadillo Bazaar put on by my very talented friend Elia. Can’t wait to show you the jewelry her man is making me!

Very low-key Christmas and New Year’s this year – only a few decorations and no tree since we bought ourselves bikes earlier in November.

Been too busy to take pictures of really anything but my clothes in a hasty few minutes before running out.

Here are a couple outfits:

Shorts – free – Clothing Swap; Tights – $4 – Gap Outlet; Shoes – $20 – Aldo Outlet; Top – $5 – Gap; Bracelet – free – Clothing Swap; Ring – ?? – ??; Headband – $4 – H&M or F21

Dress – $15 – Windsor outlet; Tights – $4 – Gap Outlet; Boots – $?? – Nine West Outlet; Jacket – $30 – JCrew Outlet; Ring – $4 – F21; Bracelets – various

Decided it was too warm (darn Texas weather) and put on this red jacket ($20 or so; Old Navy) instead. Also, I painted my nails to match my festive toenails: Sephora for OPI’s Personal Shopper and then covered it with Only Gold For Me Glitter Topcoat.

Off for a night of wine and video games!

P.S. How cute is this email that Bear’s dad sent me? FYI, Beti means daughter and PB stands for Papa Bear which is what I call his dad. His mom is obviously Mama Bear.:

Posted on 12/22/10

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9 responses to “Pawsitive”

  1. caroline says:

    I love that red coat! You are adorable! xo

  2. Laurel says:

    You are so cute! I love the shorts with tights. Also, I may be needing your pet-training services….is it weird that my dog has yet to consistently respond to her name?

    • Sandhya says:

      i’m loving it too – so comfy AND warm!

      and not necessarily. she may also be choosing NOT to respond. i can show you how to load it so she comes running everytime and teach her some recall/basic obedience if you’d like.
      check out the website and gimme a call! she’s be great for puppy class.

  3. Ashley says:

    LOVE the company name! Good choice Sandhya!

    Btw, your boyfriend’s parents are adorable with that email!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Can I just say how much I love your color-coordinated bookshelf?!

  5. Natira says:

    (Hi Bear! Love the old school pic.)

    This totally made my day by the way…I wish I’d seen it earlier before I was grumpy all day work. The family sounds so sweet and fun.

  6. I really like your writing style, fantastic info, appreciate it for putting up :D. “You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.” by Ziggy.

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