beer + more renovations

No, not together. That would be bad.

For Bear’s birthday, I surprised him (along with some good friends) with a day of brewery tastings!

He had a great time and was properly drunk by 3 pm. As it should be.

But we’re not done yet..that was just his present. For his celebration we’re having a fun birthday BBQ, complete with a vodka spiked watermelon and margarita machine! We’re joining forces with Andrea for her birthday…can’t wait!


In the meantime we have been charging ahead at the house. Both the garage there and at my parents’ place is stacked to the brim with new and old goodies. We’ve been thrifting and shopping and garage sale-ing for furniture and decor. We’ve also got all new fixtures and lights. The painting is now done! The carpet upstairs is now done! The tiles are now installed! The cabinets and countertops should be finished by tomorrow and the flooring should be done by next week before the appliances arrive. Then we start filling ‘er up…

I think I’ll do a huge before and after once it’s all decorated but for now here are some of the paint and flooring (and new fans!):

Master Bedroom and Bathroom –  walls are painted a yellow color that took us forever to choose and then the ceilings are the same color cut with white so they are lighter and make everything look bigger:

Guest Bedroom – love the soft green stripes:

Game Room – had to have that red somewhere in the house (it’s been an accent wall in every place I’ve lived after moving out):

Still have to post the painting job in the office and all the cabinets…as well as the floors. Will update again soon!

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our engagement shoot: LUV

A couple years ago on a trip to Napa, I looked up and saw the Southwest sign and thought how cool it would be to one day take pictures at the airport with the heart and wings as a backdrop. Bear and I spent so much of the beginning of our relationship flying all over the U.S. to see each other because of work and it only seemed appropriate we honor the airline that carried us around. So my fabulous friend and wedding planner, Lush Occasions, set it up for us and with the help of Southwest and Cory Ryan, we got the photo shoot we wanted! Fun bonus: the suitcase is the same one my parents used on their honeymoon!

See more here!

I wrote to Southwest about our shoot to thank them and they tweeted about us today! Our fun 15 minutes of fame!

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blue + gray

Picking the blue for our dining room was pretty frustrating. I wish I could have taken my new car (very pretty midnight blue) into Home Depot and had them color match it. But even then I’m sure it wouldn’t have been perfect because we did try color matching for a few things and boy was it off.

Before (no idea what Bear is doing and I have no other shots so this will have to do!):

Anywho, we did try a million and settled on Behr’s Daring Indigo…the grey was a color match from Valspar’s Blind Date. We are giving it a few days to darken as the guy said and may change it if it doesn’t because sometimes it seems a little too blue for me and not dark enough. We shall see but either way I do love the combination and it’s definitely the look I was going for.

What do you guys think?


We are going to cover the walls with all the vintage gold mirrors we collect (every one is under $10, it’s a rule) and replacing the chandelier. Started to buy some of the furniture and are picking out the flooring this weekend. Again, we can’t wait!

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We got the house!! It’s only been about a week and a half since we closed but we have made some big changes already. It was a steal for sure because the owners live in another state and didn’t want to do any of the cosmetic changes. So they left dirty carpets, yucky paint, and tons of dings and wear/tear. So we’re pretty much changing everything.

I adore before and after pictures on all the design and DIY blogs so I”m definitely sharing the updates with you all.

We’ve gotten the gutter fixed and the fence up as well as the whole house powerwashed. They made a huge difference and while we have a ton of landscaping to do at the end, it looks way better already.

But the biggest thing we’ve done is started the painting. It’s amazing how much a fresh coat of paint really changes a room. Everything is brighter and cleaner and the house looks years younger already!

My favorite so far is the living room, which looked like this before:

We tested a BUNCH of colors (we have a huge bag filled with at least 30 paint sample containers in various colors now!) all over the house. Here were the color choices for the living room (there are four more on the sides you can’t even see because they are so light):


We finally decided on Celtic Gray by Behr which isn’t gray in the least. I wanted something warm but light with a hint of green and maybe even some robin’s egg blue. (Please ignore the debris):

At dusk:


SO happy with the way it turned out. Our living room feels bigger and brighter…can’t wait to furnish and decorate!

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date night

I had my engagement makeup trial yesterday with Maris Malone Calderon. She absolutely rocks and really listened to me and gave me a look that I feel still looked like me, just a much less flawed version!

And since my makeup was done anyway and it was the 1-year anniversary of our Drinko De Mayo celebration last year to rock out on our last days of consulting life (quit and never looked back, whoo!), we decided a date night at La Sombra was in order. If you haven’t been there and you’re in town…go immediately. It’s yummers.

Dress: Anthropologie on sale a few years ago – $25, Belt: Thrifted/Garage sale – $1-2, Shoes: Aldo Outlets – $14, Purse: Thrifted – $10


Have a wonderful weekend! We will be spending our time picking out tile…and carpet…and flooring…and paint!

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home sweet home

Our offer on this gorgeous house just got accepted!!

It was built in 2001 and is 3,000 sq ft of space just waiting for me to fill with garage sale and DIY goodies!

I feel so grown-up….and kinda freaked out. Like is someone really trusting us with this? And also crazy nervous that something will halt the process before I am done going through my Domino book and picking out colors.

So fingers are crossed and prayers are fervent….but that whole “you’ll just know when you walk into the right house” bit? I felt that so I hope my instincts are right.

We are also in the process of spreading Trigger’s ashes. I can’t help but feel he’s still around guarding us and that he loves the house as much as we do. His future brothers and sisters will romp around the yard and in my eyes, he’ll always be leading them.

So much to do but wanted to catch up my lovely friends on the great news!

Posted on 4/26/11

just blo me

Thank you all for your support with our loss and for understanding my break from the blog. The grief still punches me in the stomach many times a day and it takes me a moment (or hour) to recover but we are healing slowly. We miss him and love Trigger every moment of every day and we appreciate the love from you all.

Life however doesn’t take too kindly to breaks and while we gave ourselves a week or two, it came back at us full speed. My business is busier than ever (and it’s exciting!) and I’ve been spending a lot of my time volunteering at the shelter (we currently have 3 very cute foster kitties stinking up our guest bathroom in case anyone is interested) and then of course planning the wedding. The house hunt was on hold for awhile but we’re back at it and while we’re being picky, we know we’ll find the right one for us and all furbabies present and future.

I got an email the other day asking if I wanted to attend a special event at Blo Austin, the latest location of a very fun and practical concept of salons – no cut, no color. Just a shampoo and a fun style. I immediately said yes because I needed it to pull me out of my ponytail and smelly animal clothes funk and I’m so glad I did.

The salon is just plain adorable and all the ladies (and guys) are the sweetest. They gave me a ‘Hair Menu’ to look through and I chose the ‘Red Carpet’ look. Ashanti was sweet and did a great job on my blowout!

Before (forgive the unwashed, unstyled hobo look):

After…blown away! (sorry couldn’t resist):

Blo also gave me a bag full of goodies like yoga classes and coupons for future blowouts (in case anyone is interested!) and a trial of the hairspray they used, Aerogel, which is incredibly light and soft. And some fun pink cotton candy – I was tickled pink! Seriously, I must quit with the puns. I blame the champagne. Kidding. Don’t drink and drive, kids.

But DO go out and get your hair did at Blo – they are doing $21 blowouts tomorrow on their opening day! They also offer updos and birthday or bachelorette parties and even come out for events to you. They have locations all over Cali, Florida and TX.

This inspired some much delayed outfits posts:

Skirt, Shoes, Bangles, Belt, Purse: All thrifted and around a couple bucks or less each. Top: Old Navy, also a couple bucks. My whole outfit was like $8-10 I just realized. Score!

Have a blessed weekend!

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