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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Here are few things I’ve starred recently in my Google Reader:

An amazing makeover on Design Sponge (I could seriously stare at these all day!)

Who doesn’t need a nest?

I have a million paint chips (I secretly steal another million everytime I’m around them). Dainty Squid had a great post on projects with paint chips.

How cute is this bridal party? Love the umbrellas!

Colored pencil shelf. Need I say more?

We are really trying to get some of our makeover/remodeling projects done – we’ve got everything, just finding the time has been absurd. Will try to get up pictures soon!


Monday, May 24th, 2010

We are living in the middle of towers of boxes and attempting to clean out our pantry and refrigerator. It ain’t pretty.

And moving ain’t fun. Our parents have been a tremendous help – with packing and wisdom from their experiences.

Will we be as grown up and capable as our parents?

I just want to throw everything into bags labeled ‘misc’ and be done with it.

Since I forgot to take my camera to the beautiful but boring polo match we went to this evening, here are some random goodies from my Google Reader:

< she’s officially my role model >

< seen on this fun website BFF turned me onto >


< says it all. found here >


< makes me miss my lion cubs! found here >


< Can’t wait to get one once we get to Austin. Anyone have recommendations or tips? Found via Lust Pour Life >

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday! I will be watching this lady because I am officially addicted:

< Can I PLEASE find some amazing nude pumps like these already??  >


Girl went and asked for 50 guys instead of only 25. Hell yeah. Damn you, crazy white folks on reality TV that have me addicted to you absurd antics!

single for the weekend

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Ever since I told my parents that Bear will be in Vegas this weekend, they keep asking me what I’m going to DO. As though I’m incapable of being alone. How rude.

Well Mommy, Daddy…. tomorrow I will attempt to go out with some friends but considering that I can’t even muster the motivation today (yes, I am aware how lame I am), I will most likely be in one of these:

< have always wanted a stand-alone tub. how gorgeous is this black one?? >

with a glass or two of this

< don’t worry, Bear, i’ll drink the one you don’t like >

Then maybe a movie or two with the Tiger and 007 (who says I’ll be alone?!). Romantic comedy, natch. Have to make use of all the boy free time!

And lots of reading. I need to catch up.

Saturday I plan on a little downward facing dog (if I can still bend my body that way, it’s been awhile)

Then an overdue facial.

There will most likely be some shopping and cupcakes in there too because I heard that Sprinkles opened in Houston – Stacy, do you know if this is true?

Hopefully by Saturday night I shall be energized enough to hit the gay district with some fabulous boys.

Sunday morning is for the dogs at the HSPCA and then I’m off to pick up Bear at the airport.

Yes, that’s right, he’ll be back Sunday. Early afternoon. My parents are nuts.

What are your fun plans?


Monday, April 19th, 2010

I have been obsessed with two-finger rings ever since my fabulous (and cheap) find at Forever 21.

I find these to be just marvelous (all found on Etsy of course!):


what great detail. there’s other animals too, like rhinos.

love the font!

lilies are one of my favorite flowers. tulips and jasmines being the other two.


what a gorgeous blue stone.

comes in black stone and stuff, too. it’s actually two separate rings.

this one is called knockout! hit me with your best shot, why dontcha hit me with…oh. sorry.

multiple rings – so simple and pretty.


How adorable is that?! imagine if you could personalize for whatever you want.

Sigh. I want them all.

Happy almost Friday!

(Shut up, I know it’s Monday.)

Volunteer Blog it On – Lend a Paw

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I feel like I’ve been away forevs! San Diego was a pretty long vacay and work has been nuts but I shall catch up with you, Google Reader. Soon.

In case you haven’t already, you should totally join the super awesome and generous folks who are participating in Volunteer – Blog it On.

< via weheartit >

You should adopt one. Or four. It would be the best decision of your life. If you can’t adopt right now, you can spend May 1 volunteering at your local shelter. And if you’re not able to do that, just go in and pretend like you want to adopt a big dog and then take a whole bunch of them out for “test walks”. They need it.

Think that’s where I’ll be this Sunday – the HSPCA. I haven’t spent nearly enough time there since my training. Maybe I will split my time between the puppies and kitties….because I can never choose. I want them all! Like 10 of each. Costco style.

< via Cute Overload>


*I need one of these (because I can’t tell time…no really. I can’t. I have to count the 5’s):

< via Black Eiffel >

*I’m a sucker for lists and this is a great one:

88 Important Truths I’ve Learned About Life

*This makes me happy:

< from Everything’s Gold >

*And anyone else?:
< via weheartit >
Happy Friday!

Krispe Kreme

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Heading out to San Antone and Austin for the weekend to spend some time with the most awesome parents!

Tomorrow is Momma Bear‘s 50th birthday! She is the cutest and sweetest woman ever. I adore her.

Brother Bear (yes I know how cheesy that is) will also be in town on Spring Break from JHU. Future doctor ladies, and a hottie to boot.

Can’t wait to play with my camera and Papa Bear‘s lenses. Only wish we could take the furbabies because the Grand Bears love them so.

Then it’s off to my hometown, aka the greatest place in the world, AUSTIN. A religious ceremony in the morning at home (yes even though I haven’t lived with my parents for 3 years, it’s always home) and shopping for some jeans in the afternoon at Hem because I lost another pound! Loving these cropped skinnies:

…then it’s BFF time!! WHOO! (I keep linking your blog woman – write sumtin.)

But for now, all I can think about is the feast I’m having tonight:

Hell yeah. Three of each. OINK OINK!

Have a great weekend y’all!

P.S. Here’s some random things I’ve spotted that made me smile, a la Hope Chella style:

< etsy shop >

< fun! >

< baby otter takes momma for a ride >

< ooma bowl, so many uses >

< via weheartit; I WANT! >

Suzy Homemaker

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Although I haven’t updated much regarding my diet, I have been continuing. Tomorrow will end Week 3 and:
- I’ve lost about 2 inches
- I feel healthier….cleaner
- I have learned to love certain veggies (parsnips, anyone?) and to not mind others (bellpeppers)
- I have learned portion size, HOW to eat healthier and have started reaching for good things for snacks and off menus
- My skin has never looked better
- I’ve grown 3 inches taller (no, not really)
- Even though the kitties hate me right now and won’t let me sleep because they have been put on a diet (God forbid) and an eating schedule, I have more energy

Finally, the biggest thing of all: I have learned how to cook. Or at least how to follow recipes. And for a girl who wanted to use her dishwasher to hold extra shoes pre-boyfriend, I think this is quite a feat. The craziest thing about all of this is I have ENJOYED cooking. It’s unbelievable.

And never to be one under-accessorized, I have decided I need a cute apron to go with my newfound skills:

< yum! >
< says cute things like raspberry jam and cherries jubilee >
< um, adorable! >
< so sweet, traditional and girly >
< mama always needs a cocktail >
< bear found this adorable kitty one! >
< makes me think of 70's wallpaper, 
and what’s more appropo than that? >
I’m torn…